Masonry Services

We offer a variety of residential and commercial masonry services, including construction, repair, and historic restoration. We can work on any kind of masonry project from residential homes to universities, hotels, hospitals, churches, retail stores, office buildings, and more.

Along with addressing safety and durability issues, our masonry services can also enhance the overall appearance of your home or business. This is especially important for businesses looking to gain more traffic. Some customers are actually turned away by a business with a subpar exterior. Making a good first impression is a major key to success.

Whether you are in need of masonry repairs, cosmetic improvements or a thorough inspection, our team is dedicated to providing you with excellent services.

We work directly with the owner or property manager to successfully repair and restore buildings of all types. Our work consists of structural rehab, cosmetic work, water testing, leak evaluations, natural stone repair, and stone element replacement, as well as a host of other skilled services.

If the right materials are utilized and placed properly, masonry is an extremely robust product that is supposed to last for hundreds of years. Masonry requires very little upkeep over most of its lifespan. Unfortunately, water may penetrate any weak spots in the stonework and cause damage after several freeze-thaw cycles. Fractures in the masonry, damaged mortar joints, brick cracks, or just too much moisture being absorbed by the masonry material itself are where this often happens. When water seeps through masonry during the winter, it freezes, expands, and loosens the masonry elements from their surroundings.

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